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About Us

Ostrich Arm Tourism and Safaris [Private] Limited, trading as WildRoutes Adventure Travel, was incorporated in 2007 and has since grown to symbolise leisure travel and African wild adventure experience.  We offer small-group holidays mostly off the beaten track. Clients get access to exclusive destinations with services that allow them to fully appreciate adventure.

WildRoutes Adventure Travel also takes the time to understand each customer’s individual preference and caters for this. We have the knowledge, experience and capacity to make your stay and tour of Africa exciting, stimulating and unforgettable.

WildRoutes has positioned itself as a niche service provider within the travel and tourism market and offers high quality travel packages for various adventures, sporting trips and more. All our supplier partners are reputable professionals and you are guaranteed total satisfaction.

Our operations are under the sanction of appropriate authorities in each relevant sector, from tourism, educational ministries and various  bodies involved in every facet of our business.

The employees and owners of WildRoutes Adventure Travel are outdoor adventure and travel enthusiasts as well as seasoned travel industry professionals.  We provide unforgettable adventure with expertise and passion…

Overview of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is situated immediately north of South Africa, between the Limpopo river in the south and the mighty Zambezi river in the north. Zimbabwe is a safe, affordable country and is famous for its superb wildlife viewing, fascinating historical past and breathtaking landscapes. The safari guides are renowned for being some of the most qualified in Africa and there are excellent wildlife densities in the national parks. Many of Zimbabwe’s big animals are accustomed to vehicles and can be observed and photographed from close quarters.

Visitors will be spellbound by the sheer beauty, drama and diversity of Zimbabwe, from the magnificence of Victoria Falls to the thrilling elephant viewing in Hwange and from the intense spirit of the granite hills of Matobo to the vast stone ruins of Great Zimbabwe, and the water sports and wildlife on offer at Lake Kariba.

Click here to view a video about Zimbabwe.

What to see

Start by visiting the breathtaking Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Continue three hours south and you will find Zimbabwe’s flagship Big Five wildlife reserve, Hwange National Park. Just an hour outside Bulawayo are the Matobo Hills, an extraordinary landscape of granite kopjes home to more than 3,000 ancient Khoisan rock art sites and the tomb of Cecil John Rhodes. It has also been declared a world heritage site. Further east at Masvingo are the imposing stone ruins of Great Zimbabwe, the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe, which existed from 1100 to 1450AD. Lake Kariba, on Zimbabwe’s northern border, offers sunshine, wildlife and water sports. The Eastern Highlands are a magnificent mountain range found in the eastern part of Zimbabwe varying from gentle rolling countryside to fierce granite spikes. Activities include hiking, swimming, golf and fishing, while the Shona and Ndebele cultures are open to explore. In all areas, the people are gracious and accommodating.

When to go

Zimbabwe has a warm climate all year round. The traditional safari season runs from May to the end of October when vegetation is less dense and wildlife is drawn to water sources. The Victoria Falls are, however, in full flood from November to April although there is much to be said for viewing at other times of the year when you can see the spectacular rock formation underneath. Zimbabwe’s so called ‘green’ season runs from November to the beginning of January and offers excellent rates, phenomenal birding and the birth of many young animals.

Great Experiences

Hwange National Park 

At just over 14,600 sq km, Hwange is the largest Big Five national park in Zimbabwe. The populations of wild dogs and elephants are thought to be among the largest surviving groups in the world. 

Victoria Falls

Take a tour of the spectacular Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The moment you arrive in town and hear the roar of the ‘smoke that thunders’, you will be lured to the entrance of the Victoria Falls National Park. 

Matobo Hills National Park 

This park contains a 200 million-year-old range of domes, spires and balancing rock formations. It is a Unesco world heritage site that contains a high concentration of rock art sites as well as the grave of  Cecil John Rhodes. 

Mana Pools National Park 

Wildlife viewing in Mana Pools can be done by boat, canoeing, safari vehicle or on foot. The best time of year to visit is between May and October as the animals go to the Zambezi river to drink. Wildlife includes elephants, buffaloes, hippos, crocodiles, zebras, lions, warthogs, eland and more than 300 species of birdlife recorded

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

The Great Zimbabwe ruins are beautifully set in a lush and flourishing valley. In the Shona dialect, ‘Zimbabwe’ means ‘large houses of stone’. Construction started in the 11th century and continued for more than 300 years. The ruins are a Unesco world heritage site, recognised for the amazing effort and skill that went into cutting the stone and assembling mostly geometrical forms, using only simple tools and technology.