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Lake Kariba And Matusadona National Park

Kariba, Zimbabwe

Lake Kariba and Matusadona National Park are two marvels of creation: one natural and the other man-made, both sensationally picturesque and easily the surprise highlight of your Zimbabawe safari holiday.

Lake Kariba, one of the world's largest man-made dams, covering a staggering 5,580sq km is an inland sea upon which your charter boat chugs to islands and shorelines teeming with wildlife and birdlife.

Lake Kariba is about 220km long and about 40km at its widest and there are times when land is all but a pale blue haze from aboard your floating private suite and you are forced to lie back and relax. Fishing is excellent with your choice of catch and release sport fishing for the famed tiger - pound for pound the toughest freshwater fish you can get - or for the edible bream, which your chef will prepare for you right away. Usually as a snack unless you're an able angler prepared to go after a full quota for the evenings dinner.

After your Kariba adventure, the cry of a fish eagle will forever be a happy memory, though you'll have to return to hear it. Zimbabwe's national bird is an expert diver and will put the best anglers to shame with its fishing prowess, powerful talons and impressive plumage.

A houseboat on Lake Kariba combines the opportunity for ultimate, enforced relaxation with an exhilarating walking safari in Matusadona National Park, which occupies a small portion of the lake's shoreline.

Matusadona is a wilderness area, that, like Mana Pools National Park , is almost impenetrable by vehicle leaving it unspoilt and truly wild. The game reserve has one of the highest concentrations of lions in Africa despite its massive 1,500sq km coverage from the Zambezi Escarpment down to the water's edge.

Wildlife in Matusadona National Park is understandably prolific with natural barriers keeping humans out and animals in. The water level of the lake provides rich grasses for huge herds of buffalo and elephant as well as rhino, hippo and crocodiles and a great variety of antelope and plains game. Cormorants, raptors and woodland species of bird occur in abundance.

If spending a few nights on a houseboat and enjoying daily walking safaris, game drives and puttering about the islets fishing from your a tender boat appeals, then talk to us now. If you're not mad about the boating side of things there are several excellent safari lodges on terra firma ranging from wonderfully rustic to fully luxurious.


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